What you must know about Aggravated Assault in Texas

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We are just human beings and we are not perfect, which means that we can commit mistakes. It could have been better, if we know what we are doing. What I mean is are we aware that what we are doing is right or wrong? Are we sure that we are not hurting other people? The thing is that we should think first before we act and we must be responsible for our actions. It doesn’t matter if the act is bad or good. What matters is our awareness and understanding of our actions.

If you are in Texas, then you must be aware of what an assault is. You might be doing some actions unknowingly or intentionally. And then, later on, you will just find out that someone is already filing an assault case because of your actions. You may read this to find out more about an assault and the law.

Simple Assault vs Aggravated Assault

Do you know that in Texas, assault or simple assault is committed in three ways? First, when you cause bodily injury to someone and you did it knowingly, recklessly or intentionally. Second, when you threaten someone with an imminent bodily injury and you have done it knowingly and intentionally. Third, when you cause a physical contact with someone intentionally and you know that this person will take this an offense. If you have committed this crime, then you better call a reliable aggravated assault Texas Law Office.

An aggravated assault is when an individual has made an assault and he causes someone serious bodily injury. It could also be that you used a deadly weapon while committing an assault to someone, which includes threatening someone with bodily injury.

“Bodily injury”

The term bodily injury means physical pain that you caused to another person. It does not always mean to be visible because slapping someone or simply pulling someone’s hair is already an assault. As a victim of an assault, which is a criminal offense in Texas, you are not required to have an injury.

A serious bodily injury is more instinctive. This only means that you have caused someone’s death or a considerable risk of death, serious permanent deformity and impairment or prolonged loss of body parts or organ.

Testify and Trial

An individual, who is charged with an assault is a criminal offense. But, he has actually all the absolute legal right to testify or not. When it comes to this decision, you need to ask an advice from your criminal defense attorney. The lawyer needs to know your testimony and if will be helpful to the case, then you may speak. Anyway, the decision is in your hands.

Your criminal defense attorney just needs to study your case. Your statement will affect the trial, so the lawyer just wants to make sure that if you will testify, then it must be for the good of the case. That’s the job of the lawyers anyway, they always want to win whatever case they are holding.

Class A misdemeanor

If you are charged with a Class A misdemeanor, then you will be spending a year or more of imprisonment, you may also be fined with $4,000 or both. The sentence will always depend on the factors presented. Some may not even sent to jail.

You will be charged with a Class A misdemeanor if you have done a physical contact with someone, causing his pains. That is already with bodily injury. A simple assault may be elevated to this class, if the victim is someone who is an elderly or a disabled person.

Class B misdemeanor

For a Class B misdemeanor, you will be spending a maximum of 180 days in the prison, you may also pay a maximum of $2,000 or both.

If the casualty was done to a Sports official or athletes during the period when they were in a sport event and, you know, who those people are, then your case will fall under this class.

Class C misdemeanor

Under a Class C misdemeanor, you will be charged with a maximum of $500. The crime committed is actually falling under a simple assault case.

If you committed a traffic violation and got a ticket, then that may fall under this level, if you will just ignore your ticket. Even a verbal threat is already falling under this class.