Why Scenting Is Now Part of Marketing Plans

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Scent marketing has become very popular because it can influence customer decisions in a positive but discrete way. Businesses scent the air in buildings to create specific moods and environments. Marketing personnel use scenting to harness peoples’ emotional connection with their sense of smell. Suppliers that specialize in commercial fragrance products offer a range of diffusers that allow clients to design unique programs.

Scent Has a Dramatic Effect on People

Influencing customers using scent is an effective marketing tool because smell is one of the most powerful human senses. Emotions are directly linked to smells, both good and bad. Customers’ feelings about an atmosphere can be changed in seconds, just by introducing a universally pleasant odor. Over time certain fragrances also become associated with positive memories, such as the wonderful smell of a chocolate shop.

Marketing With Scent Is a Science

The reason that so many businesses invest time and money in scent marketing is that the results are backed by science. Studies show that particular fragrances can become associated with positive values. That is why many stores have their own unique, pleasant odors.

It doesn’t take clients long to associate that positive smell with a brand. Scent can also trigger happy memories and thoughts, which is why many businesses smell “Christmassy” around the holidays. Companies generally combine scent marketing with other strategies, to create powerful campaigns that encourage customers to buy products or services.

Suppliers Offer a Range of Scent Marketing Products

Companies use a very organized approach to scent marketing and typically buy diffusers and fragrances from specialty suppliers. These businesses help clients choose the best diffusers for small, medium and large areas. Customers are also offered a huge range of fragrances grouped by feelings. They include floral, luxurious, earthy, Christmas and spicy fragrances. There are even relaxing, stimulating and warm scents.

Although customers are not usually aware of it, many businesses deliberately scent the air in their buildings to create specific environments. The practice is known as scent marketing and uses the science of smell to change peoples’ behavior. Most companies who use the technique work with suppliers who offer a range of fragrances and diffusers that can be tailored for specific purposes.