Getting Help When Fighting Drug Possession Criminal Charges

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People who deal in drugs, such as selling the drugs, manufacturing the drugs or distributing the drugs put themselves in great danger of being caught and arrested. Dealing with drugs in any form is treated harshly by the law enforcement, and so the person who is charged with a drug crime had better hire a good lawyer to help him or her get out of the trouble. Thus, if a person is looking to get help when fighting drug possession criminal charges, he or she can go on the internet and find a good attorney.

Things That Can Go Wrong if Charged with Drug Possession

When charged with drug possession, the defendant should realize the many things that can go wrong without proper criminal defense. Depending on the classification of the drug and the amount of the drug in possession, the defendant could face more than 20 years in prison and fines in excess of $25,000. On top of that, the defendant will most likely end up with a record that may ruin his or her career, or hinder his or her ability to get housing.

More Things to Know about Drug Possession

Another complication of drug possession is when the drug is transported across the state line, because at that point the charges become federal charges. Federal charges are felonious and will put the defendant in danger of getting the most severe penalties, making it harder for the defendant to get cleared. There is also another complex criminal charge that comes with drug possession, and that is having a prescription narcotic that is not prescribed for the person. This is a felony charge also, and is treated as severely as other types of drug possession.

Finding a Lawyer for Criminal Defense

If a person is in need of criminal defense for drug charges and don’t know who to call in his or her town, the internet is available for browsing. On the internet, thorough research can be done on various attorneys and help narrow down competent charges. The website that potential clients can go to for criminal defense attorneys is found at