Tulsa Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Improve The Outcome Of Your Case

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Being arrested for a misdemeanor or felony could destroy someone’s chance of obtaining a job in the future, make it difficult to obtain student financial aid, and cause other detrimental penalties. Working with experienced Tulsa Oklahoma criminal defense lawyers can improve the outcome of an individual’s case and keep them out of jail. A lawyer can help an individual expunge their record for certain crimes so it’s never visible to an employer or anyone else. DUI is short for driving under the influence, and drug charges can range from minor misdemeanors to felonies that include extensive jail time and high fines.


A DUI can leave an individual with a piece of paper instead of their actual driver’s license when they’ve been arrested. After an individual is arrested and booked, they may be required to stay in jail for a minimal amount of time. This is a perfect time to contact a criminal defense lawyer to schedule an appointment so the attorney can be present during a bond hearing or any other matters that will be in front of the judge.


Felonies are the most serious types of crime an individual can be charged with and usually result in lengthy jail sentences and enhanced penalties for repeat offenders. Fighting a charge with an experienced attorney could mean the difference between probation and spending a long time behind bars. A criminal attorney will review all of the evidence and look for opportunities to poke holes in the prosecution’s case so the charges can be reduced or thrown out.


A misdemeanor is usually a result of a less-serious criminal offense but can remain on an individual record forever. Repeated misdemeanors can be enhanced the same as a felony and, in some cases, can be moved to a felony level. An individual should never present their own defense because the outcome is not usually favorable.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, don’t speak to family, friends, cellmates, or the police about the incident. Information given to other individuals could be used against you during a trial. After an arrest, immediately contact a criminal defense attorney and let them begin building a defense for you.