How to Plan the Perfect Window Treatments

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There are few home decor features that have as many options as curtains. Many homeowners become flustered when choosing window treatments because of the number of items they need to sort through. There are a lot of design rules when it comes to drapes, valances, and other window accessories but homeowners should remember that their preference is what matters most. Here are some simple tips for anyone looking for a place to start.

Keep it Simple

Start with the most basic window covering and add layers until satisfied. Some people prefer to keep their windows completely open, but most need to add at least a shade or blind for privacy. Start with a stylish roman blind or learn more about Venetian, blackout and roller blinds. Once the privacy issue is solved then determine what other add-ons could flatter the space.

Think About Function

Window treatments do more than just look pretty. In addition to providing privacy, they also have the important functions of climate control, darkening rooms for sleeping or TV viewing and protecting floors and furnishings from receiving too much sun exposure. The angle of the home in relation to the sun, how many shade trees surround the property and other architectural features determine how important curtains are for these purposes. Pre-determine how a curtain will help with these issues before shopping begins because knowing the specific need will help to narrow down the style of treatment that is preferable.

Focus on Themes

There is a huge variety of curtains for sale in Singapore because there are so many different design styles. Curtains should work with the overall design of the room for them to look appropriate. A pair of gingham curtains would look out of place in a room with a modern industrial design. Using heavy drapes to block out the sunshine in a minimalist living area could detract from the decor. Be finished with the style and theme of the room to find the right window treatment.

Curtains are an affordable design feature. They are easy to swap out each season and many treatments can be reworked over time to help update the look of the room. Think about curtains whenever it is time to change the look of a room without spending a lot of effort and money or creating a lot of mess.