Be Prepared to Defend Yourself With a Hot Shot Stun Gun

CRIME….Every day you see it on television, hear about it on the radio and read about it in the newspaper. Some innocent person minding their own business gets attacked or worse. Crime is everywhere and you need to be prepared to defend yourself at a moment’s notice.

A stun gun is a great non-lethal defense item to carry to protect yourself and your family. They are legal to carry in almost every state in the USA.

If you are looking for a stun gun that is small and inconspicuous take a look at the Stun Master Hot Shot stun gun. It is only 3 inches high and packs a whopping 975,000 volts of power. It looks almost like a pager or another hand held device and can be worn at your waist with the included detachable stainless steel belt clip. No one will ever know you are carrying a stun gun. It is perfect for women since it is small in size and easy to handle.

The Hot Shot comes with a safety switch and an illuminated red light that will tell you when the stun gun is armed are ready for use. The Hot Shot comes equipped with 3 lithium CR123A batteries so it is good to go right out of the package.

The Stun Master Hot Shot comes with a lifetime warranty.

Great name, great product and a great price at only $59.95.

Don’t wait until something happens!

Get one now to have to defend yourself in the future.

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