Hazmat Protection is Vital to the USA

According to OSHA, Safety Lockout tagout products should be in place today and I have some ideas in this article that could point you in the right direction. What you need first is a way to disable equipment in a wide variety of ways from potential terrorist attacks. Next, find a way to mount these Anti-theft products permanent to the equipment so there is no put it on take it off as with other anti-theft devices.

In addition, all should be very hard to defeat so the thief will most likely give up and leave the scene as to not get caught. That’s the plan, right? OK then, keep reading and check out the end of this article so your company can find a way to comply.

According to the Homeland Security Act, protection of key volatile assets are each trucking company and construction equipment company own responsibility. Our risk of a terrorist attack inside the USA is always on high alert ever since 911 happen. What needs to be done is for your company to find a way that could save untold lives if some terrorist ever did try to steal a hazmat or food supply semi-truck load of products and blow it up inside a populated area.

Major problems exist within different industries for hazmat load protection and its very real. They are inside the trucking, farming, construction equipment, Railroad, RV, automotive or river barge business.

Think what would happen if a would be terrorist go control of a river barge loaded with any one of several different hazmat loads being propane, diesel, gas, chemicals, etc. It would be a disaster in the making. However, with the proper precautions, it could be prevented totally and that’s my goal here with this article.

Several key products exist that can combat this terrorist threat and I will tell you how they work here.

One is a manual air shut down system designed to lock up maxie-brakes on a variety of different equipment. A pad lock keeps the maxie brakes in the off position at all times. Some examples are for uses are: Semi-trucks; semi-trailers, all air brake systems on construction equipment that have spring loaded maxie-brakes; swing air system on a track hoe; air brake systems on farm equipment with maxie-brakes, etc.

Another is a manual fuel shut down system. It can be used on anything with a motor gas or diesel. Excellent for semi trucks, stand alone semi-trailers, construction equipment, towmotors, smaller trucks, motorcycles, boats, RV’s, etc. This one also takes a pad-lock to lock up your equipment and keeps it open or closed at all times.

Another is an electronic key for a high-tech fuel shut down system. No pad lock required here. This is the best Coded Entry Anti-theft device on the market today for the big and small engines alike and will also work on anything with a diesel motor. The main device stays hidden somewhere in the engine compartment while the coded keypad is placed near the operator for ease of use. Can be pre-set to your own personal code plus offers anti-tamper proof properties. This product is a very effective Anti-theft and Anti-terrorist attack device. It is designed for construction equipment, Semi-trucks, Yachts, Farm Equipment, RR equipment and high end Auto’s. Simply type in a security code on a key pad and the fuel system is disabled. Affordable, effective, high in quality and reliable.

Another is a master disconnect switch hidden inside a lockable box. This one disables the starting motor. Housed on the outside is a shackle less lock so it can not be defeated. This one has smaller battery cable holes for smaller types of equipment like bobcats, farm tractors, towmotors, etc. It is a Lockout/tagout and a Anti-theft device.

Another is a multi-person Lockout/Tagout device with larger battery cable holes designed for larger equipment such as semi-trucks, Motor Coaches, Larger Construction Equipment, Yachts, Larger Farm Equipment. It also comes with the shackle less lock and also doubles as an Anti-theft device. It has Lockout/tagout stamped on the housing and will shut down anything with an electric starting motor. This one comes with a unique shackel-less lock that has many other uses as well.

Another is a heavy duty key box. It’s ThiefsNightmare most affordable Lockout/tagout device that will get you legal with the OSHA Standards now on the books. This product can also get all your trucks, farm equipment, construction equipment, etc. no matter how many thousands of pieces of trucks or equipment you have down to one “key” when all keyed alike locks or re-settable combination locks are used on the outside of this keybox. After so much equipment, keys can become a nightmare. This product key box solves that problem so you can use that “key room” for something else.

All these products are very high quality and standardized for ease of use by all industries and language so they can be used world wide.

Another idea is a Pental eye-hook locking device. It is designed for tag utility trailers, air compressor trailers, welding trailers or any type of farm trailer with a Pental style hitch system. Simple, but the TN-5 is an effective product to prevent theft of your trailer and whatever is on it from anyone with a pickup truck. Get yours today.

To find out more about these ThiefsNightmare products with pictures and more complete detailed descriptions to see what they can do for your company, please visit the web site at the end of this article.

My goal here is to help secure American.

Loss Prevention:

You probably didn’t realize that just plain theft of non-recovered equipment in 1987 was $154 Million. Today theft is much worse being over ONE BILLION DOLLARS per year just here in the USA for just the trucking industry alone. Now it’s a Quiet Epidemic! Theft is as high as one million per day in one six county area and getting worse in many areas.

Are you self-insured? If you are, by placing effective and affordable anti-theft products on your equipment will automatically INCREASE YOUR PROFITS by preventing theft that is as predictable as the Sun rising tomorrow.

Afraid your drivers or operators will not use the Anti-theft device? Add this statement into your lease agreement or drivers application? “All equipment must be locked up when unattended with the Thief’s Nightmare device or said Driver or Operator may face IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL.” It may sound cold, but it works.

Think your covered because you’ve an expensive GPS tracking system installed already on your trucks? WRONG! By cutting one small wire, any thief or terrorist can and will disable your very noticeable expensive GPS system in about two seconds.

Thats all for now,