Mastering the Auto Responder Message

Many internet marketers believe that their autoresponder is their key marketing tool. With your autoresponder, you can deliver your sales message or other information to all or some of your clients, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. Writing autoresponder messages are difficult to write and more importantly keep writing. So you need to get results from each and every message.

1. It’s about the reader, not yourself so ensure that you write what you know they want to here. No matter how may giveaways you produce, people will only read things that they are interested in. Do not tell endless stories about your personal life nor become political, racist or inappropriate. People are reading your ezines for the information and to satisfy a need they have.

2. Write as if each customer was the only customer that you have. Treat them well and use a personal writing style as if you were individually helping them. When your reader, reads your ezine, they are unaware, and frankly don’t care, about the many others that received the ezine as well.

3. Be interesting, amusing and helpful in your messages. You want your customers to enjoy and look forward to your message. People buy from those they like and trust. Don’t be too wordy – this is a sales message not a novel.

4. Emphasize the benefits for receiving your message and purchasing your products or services.

5. Use action words and several compelling sub headers to excite your reader.

6. Include a “call to action” – after reading your message – give your readers an action to take – be it go to a download page for a giveaway or send an email for further information, or go look at the benefits a product can provide them with.

7. Pick a subject for each message. Try a theme around a product that you are trying to sell. If you are offering an e course in autoresponder messages then map this course out before you start.

8. Ensure that your message is spelt and punctuated correctly and is grammatically correct. This makes your message professional and easy to read.

9. Have a consistent and easy to read layout. ASCII text is always best. Keep white space above and below your heading and key sub headers so that they stand out. Try and keep your paragraphs short and put a spare line between each of them. Use bullets wherever necessary as it is easier to read.

10. Be legal – MLM letters are illegal in many countries. Chain letters are illegal in most countries including USA much of Europe. Similarly contests and any kind of gambling or lotteries are similarly illegal in the majority of countries and states. Ensure that your messages do not look like these types of emails. The CAN SPAM laws of the USA require address details amongst other features. Double opt in lists are by far the safest types of lists to own. This means that each member has subscribed and then confirmed that they wish to subscribe to your messages.

Remember – a well written series of messages will build a good quality and loyal list of buying customers – so it is a skill well learnt.