Washington DC Mulls Special Treatment for Highly Qualified Migrants

According to certain reports pouring in from various sources, the US is planning to provide special permits to those people from abroad who graduate from the many universities of the US with STEM (Science, Technology, engineering or math) Degrees. In the meantime, some people claim that such a development may negatively impact the plans to expand the officially permitted movement of the overseas people to the country.

Reportedly, the Government of the US is busy making a law via which the US Green Cards could be offered to those people from abroad who have gained the STEM Degrees inside the territorial jurisdictions of the US. Hence, the latest item presently being made a part of the important list of House Republicans is proffering more US permits for the overseas tech graduates.

With a view to forwarding the scheme, many big names from the tech field–such as Microsoft, Oracle, & Qualcomm–attended a meeting recently. Since too long, many tech biggies have been requesting the US administration to work on the said matter. Talking about this, a tech lobbyist observed that it’s the main concern for the tech society.

What in case the suggestion becomes an act!

The available data suggests that nearly 55,000 visa-applicants would manage to get the prized Green Cards of the US in a situation wherein the proposal becomes an act. Seemingly, a leading US immigration lawmaker would put forward the proposed law.

The said proposal will substitute the widely accepted scheme of the US diversity Visa Lottery-the reason being the same will offer a sizeable section of the US permits, via the visa lottery arrangements, to the out-of-the-country born graduates who possess Doctorate Degrees in the STEM even as all left over US permits would be given to those graduates who possess the Master’s Degrees. The bill in question will necessitate the concerned US Department to have, on its administrative website, key details involving recruiters/firms giving sponsorship to the STEM graduates.

What annoys the detractors!

Available data suggests that House Democrats are strongly not in favor of the proposed bill with the reason being they do not support the removal of the Diversity Visa Program of the US. Many American Republicans are against the said program, as they claim that widespread fraud exists in the selection procedure (random) of the program. These Republicans also worry that such a system could enable many terrorists and anti-US people to gain admission into the country. However, some Republicans disclose that they do not support those Republicans who are apparently keen to boost legal immigration for those migrants they could be interested in.